Engineered for Pharma
to find the world's academic experts and their latest science
Find experts at universities beyond your personal network
  • Identify research groups and researchers worldwide with expertise in your topic
  • Find early-stage products or tech for in-licensing & acquisition
  • Discover new opportunities to expand the company portfolio
  • Zoom-in to find experts in any given geographical location
  • Find out if they have experience working with your competitors
Identify Key Opinion Leaders
  • Find the ones who are currently focused on your topic and with a proven track record
  • Evaluate their collaboration network to find rising stars who went on to start their own labs
  • Connect with them directly from AcademicLabs and get their response straight to your email inbox
  • Save profiles and share findings with colleagues to create a shared, collaborative library of experts for internal use
  • Export key information in CSV files to post-process for your needs, or to feed your CRM systems
All-in-one scientific information solution
  • Save hours of time every week by easily switching between different data sources with 1-click
  • With a single search, get a quick overview of all information on your topic, including grants, peer-reviewed publications, clinical trials, patents, conference proceedings, and pre-prints
  • Never miss out on the latest science with customizable weekly email-alerts for any source
  • Up-to-date data available from NIH, PubMed,, USPTO, university websites, and many more databases
  • All data sources are linked to academic experts' profiles to help you find and evaluate them based on their cumulative research activities
  • Filter out the noise and zoom-in on your search using specific R&D parameters and visualizations for each source
"AcademicLabs provides an appealing visual interface and powerful tools to quickly identify academic labs/principal investigators who are working in the fields we are interested in."
External Innovation Director
@ Top 10 Pharma Company
"Staying up to date with the most recent findings. I'm typically well aware of usual suspects & key publications, but find those new key players in specific niches without having to attend new conferences."
Senior Scientist
@ Top 3 Pharma Company
"AcademicLabs allows me to find research partner going beyond the publication analysis-which are usually already outdated when they come out- I can finally find my ideal research group anywhere in the world based on their funding, their patents filed, their participation to a clinical trial, to a previous collaboration with another pharma etc.."
Scientific Director
@ Top 10 Pharma Company
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In-depth evaluate KOLs and potential collaborators
Stay up-to-date with highly
specific email alerts
Benchmark institutions quantitatively and qualitatively
Save and collaborate with colleagues on a shared library of profiles and content
Analyze competition
Find small biotech companies
Crowdsource ideas for your R&D challenges
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